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The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy (The Shadow of the Unicorn Series)

The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy (The Shadow of the Unicorn, #1) - Suzanne de Montigny What is the single most important thing you learned from reading this book?
Greed will corrupt anyone. Sadly, greed is a driving force for so many people. Ishmael showed that when someone wants one thing after they get it they learn it is not enough and want more.

Does reading this book change the way you think?

Yes! This book will show the reader how people will sometimes focus on the one thing we do not have. It is human nature to seek an item even if we do not need the item.

How would you describe the book’s protagonist(s)?

Azaria’s character is more focused on helping. He is concerned with everyone’s safety, even the ones that have wronged him.

What are some of the personal qualities that allow people to change their lives for the better?

Learning how greed is bad not just for ourselves, but for everyone. This book helps to show that wanting something and needing something are two different sides of the coin.

Would you recommend this book to other readers? Why or why not?

I highly recommend this book to teenagers. Even adults could learn something from reading.