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Some Are Sicker Than Others

Some Are Sicker Than Others - Andrew Seaward What were the main relationships explored in this book?

Monty - Vicky; Dave - Angie - Cheryl; Monty - Dave - Robby - Dexter

Did the plot pull you in or did you feel you had to force yourself to read the book?

Some parts of the book dragged for me and I know some of the book club members agreed with me. It wasn't entirely a forced read.

How does the setting figure into the book? Does it come to life? Did you feel you were experiencing the time and place in which the book was set?

Most of the settings were situations I wouldn’t want to be part of but I think some people find themselves in situations like these from years of neglected emotions and broken families.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.