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Destination Dealey: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy

Destination Dealey: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy - L.D.C. Fitzgerald What I didn't like. The way it was written. I think one chapter should have been about a few hours or one day. The author tried to list everything down minute for minute and it really didn't work. More than one book club member agreed on this.

Did you find that the cover and title represented what the story was really about? Well, the sunglasses maybe and she tried to use fire to represent some kind of explosion but most of us at the book club did not like the cover.

What did you think of the story structure? The story was unique and would have made a wonderful movie. The structure was a bit off. You had all these times and all these characters running around in less than a minute. Hmmm, just did not make sense.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.