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Dark Side of Sunset Pointe - A Lance Underphal Mystery - Michael Allan Scott How did you experience the book? Did the book intrigue, amuse, disturb, alienate, irritate, or frighten you?

The story pulled me in from the beginning. The story line is very intriguing. I would love to know when the second book will be out.

Do you find the characters convincing? Are they fully developed?

Characters are very convincing with great details to pull readers into the story. I personally felt like all characters were real. This book was better than watching a movie.

Which characters do you particularly admire or dislike? What are their primary characteristics?

I admire Lance for working thru his problems especially the voice of his dead wife which he keeps hearing. Lance is a person that had a wonderful life but this was quickly replaced by death, despair, disappointment, and learning to live without the one he loves.

Sondra Du’s character was a major turn-off for me. Yes, the author had to write her this way. I understand this if she was wrote any differently, I probably would not have liked the book. Just did not like this character. Sondra, is one of those people that is always out to scam someone.

What motivates a given character’s actions? Do you think those actions are justified or ethical?

Lance is motivated by the voice of his dead wife. He keeps hearing her, she is like his conscience. Something to help him stay on the right path.

Lacey seems out to get a story. Something that will put her at the top of the game.

Detective Salmon is out to solve a crime. A crime that keeps growing, makes the reader wonder why they crime took so long to solve.

Do any characters grow or change during the course of the novel? If so, in what way?

Lance experienced major change and growth. When readers first encounter Lance, he is a shaky and has a drug addiction from seeing and hearing the ghost of his dead wife. I was able to connect with Lance. His experiences were something any human might experience.