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The Silver Sphere

The Silver Sphere - Michael Dadich Was it a good book?
This was an astonishing read. Dadich wrote a book that took me on a journey. A journey from earth to a distant planet. The planet is similar to earth but different in so many ways.

Would you recommend it?
Oh, yes! I have recommended this book to several friends that love YA. Even purchased a copy for my niece, I know she will love it.

What did you like about it?
This was a great YA read. The best part, Dadich kept the book clean. Something that any age can read without worrying about offensive language or scenes in the book.

What did you dislike?
Nothing. I could not find anything to dislike about this book.

Tell us whatever you thought.
I felt this was a great fantasy, adventure read. I could find nothing wrong with any part of the book. I cannot wait to read other books by this author.