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Gallows Ascending

Gallows Ascending - Leigh Podgorski How would you describe the book’s protagonist(s)? Luke is a very mysterious main character and I want to find out more about him from the first book. One thing I liked about the book was that you don't really need the first book to understand his behaviour and how he solves a mystery.

Does reading this book change the way you think? I've never really paid much attention to psychics and this author offers a different view to how they handle a problem. In some ways, Luke was like the tv series Medium and I liked this part of it. It didn't change the way I think about psychics but it did enlighthen me.

Would you recommend this book to other readers? Yes, if you like a good series, then this is one book you must read. It has all the right elements of murder, conflict and mystery.

Disclosure - I received a free copy of the book which did not affect my honest opinion.