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Enigma Black (Enigma Black, #1)

Enigma Black (Enigma Black, #1) - Sara Furlong Burr Favourite location / setting … When Celaine is in bed contemplating whether she should go ahead with revenge or not. My book club members and I agreed that this was the strongest and weakest moment in the book. Weak because Celaine is so vulnerable, strong because this is the part that changes the pace of the story and you won't be disappointed.

Favourite scene …. It's not exactly one particular scene, it's the chapter called "The Unforeseen Goodbye". It was touching, sad and filled with so much power at the same time. Love the way this author writes.

Favourite quote … Society was a joke with a punch line he didn’t find humorous; a travesty that needed to be erased from publication. I absolutely loved this line. It was so eloquently written, it was also a topic of discussion at the book club.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.