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Her Books Presents: Book Club Picks

Her Books Presents: Book Club Picks - Steena Holmes,  Rachel Thompson,  Christine Nolfi,  Elena Aitken,  Bette Lee Crosby,  Patricia Sands,  Karla Darcy,  Kathleen Valentine Where did the story take place? Our book club has read quite a few of the stories offered as a sample in this book. I am picking my favourite which is Broken Pieces by Rachel Thompson.
Why do you like this story? It's a book that has you digging through your soul. You want to feel sympathy for her but as writes in fluid prose, all you feel for her is admiration that she is able to share so much of her life with the world.
What other books has this author written? Rachel Thompson has written A Walk in the Snark and Mancode Exposed which we are still reading and laughing out loud with at our weekly book club meetings.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.